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Chronic Epidemic Impact on Education and Students

          Of course, the coronavirus has changed the world. Its effects can be felt in almost all areas. It has also had an effect on the education sector. Instead of sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher's lecture, answering questions directly, the students had to study online.  Despite the passage of so many months, the educational activities have not been fully restored.  Although partially, online education continues.  In the meantime, countries around the world have been constantly reviewing the impact of Corona on education and students in particular.  Countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have also compiled various reviews and research reports. A study conducted in the United States concluded that online education is beneficial only if students have permanent access to computers and the Internet.  U.S. researchers concluded that American students living in remote areas could not benefit from online education due to the unavailability of t

Beetroot keep the liver strong

                    Beetroot is mainly a vegetable of Europe, the Mediterranean, and West Asia but it is also cultivated all over the world and is also eaten here with gusto. There are many varieties of this vegetable including green, red, purple-red, etc.  By the way, beetroot is also cooked as a vegetable, we also, make pickles here and in Eastern Europe, it is also used in the form of soup with yakhni. In Pakistan and India, it is used as a pure vegetable in addition to meat or there is also a tendency to prepare Diwani Handi with vegetables. Beetroot is a colorful vegetable in salads all over the world. Whether it is our salad or Russian salad, beetroot cuts are added to them in length or in the form of small pieces.  Beetroot juice increases stamina and is extremely useful for low blood pressure. If you want, you can boil beetroot and use it or cook it in steam and eat it in semi-cooked form or eat it in finely chopped raw form. Each form provides the best nutrition In Australia,