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Cheap times, Dreams and fantasies of life

                      A few days ago, I gave ten rupees to a beggar, but he reluctantly returned it to me and said, "What will happen to it?” Maybe a lot of people in the current generation don't believe me, how is that possible? How can forty people eat for ten rupees? Yes. It's fifty-five or sixty years old when I was little, about eight or ten years old. At that time, sixteen loaves used to come for one rupee and sixteen loaves for one rupee. I used to get two years of coming. Two coming curries and two coming breads. In this way, in four visits, one person would eat on a full stomach. What were the times when you hired a taxi in the whole city of Karachi and walked around for two or three hours? Take a tour of Clifton and come back and pay him twenty-five rupees, then the taxi driver would go away happily praying. This is on record and it can be seen on Google that at the time of the establishment of Pakistan, ie on August 2, one US dollar was three rupees and thirty p

Pakistan and the government under the burden of heavy debt

                      Every Pakistani today thinks that what will happen to us is worse then this, we are in decline, even if the whole fall comes. What difference will it make, but they do not realize that if only the fall is to come, it makes a difference today, the common man has been suffering from the effects of the country's economic downturn for a long time. The rupee is depreciating, there is a fear of inflation. The reason for reaching these conditions is to remove the gaps in the basic structure of the country's economy.  They have not been able to reach and the thinking of the policymakers has not been improved. The government has been trying to bring the country's economy on the right track by controlling the exchange rate. Imran Khan took over the government. He had killed all the claims, but the homework was "zero". He lit the chaos. Economists suggested that the value of the rupee should be allowed to fall because He knew that this would lead to an

A memorable day of cold weather spent in Karachi

                  We, the citizens of Karachi, wait all year round to see when the weather will be cold and we will have the opportunity to take out our warm clothes which are buried somewhere in the corner of our closet waiting for our day to come, and we too. He was released from prison. The recent severe cold wave in Karachi has made us realize that the citizens of Karachi also have a right to enjoy the cold. Then we thought of taking advantage of this golden opportunity. And planned to spend a cold day touring Karachi with friends. Now it is time to wear it. When I inspected the closet, I saw an angry coat in the corner of the closet. I bought it last year but didn't get a chance to wear it. Because winter was taking its last breaths at that time.  So we had to lock it in the closet while controlling our emotions. But now it was time to take it out of the closet. Then we took this mouth-watering coat out of the closet, which had been a little annoyed with its worthlessness all

When will the television channel for children start?

                                  Although the primary responsibility for educating children falls on the parents, now it has become difficult for children to have a lot of fun in front of them. And there is little future-oriented content or entertainment. Parents can't tell their children much even if they want to. At that time, there was a need for a means to guide the children. As far as the parents can do, they do their duty. The main reason is that the children stay at home till they reach the age of going to school. Becomes a good citizen. But it is also important to think about how much time parents have in this day and age to take care of their children.  At the present age, unless the parents try to run the home system together, the family cannot be financially strong. On the other hand, it should be noted that the child learns more from the environment. Especially when he sees children like him doing something good and tries to do the same. When this effort becomes a habi

Success Story Of Jeff Bezos

                    The mother was only seventeen years old and she or he was also studying. She was just born due to college squabbles and Jahbijoj, who was still eighteen months old and had a partner with Joss, ran away leaving her for four years. His mother married him to a person named Bezos. That is why he's called Bezos. I want to say this in my school life. But his family was very proud. Why? They were very creative people. They also started walking. They took their screwdriver and began opening all their toys. They began to know what was inside them. As they got older, they wont to do tons of practicals. Growing up, he found out a security alarm in his room in order that whenever an individual came into my room, he would let me know. If it wasn't for that, computers would have come to a faculty with great difficulty. Computers came to Manzoor's school. They were within the fourth grade, in order that they read their manual and learned to work the pc. He wont to read