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PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company is a national company

                                                   Whose job is to provide telephone and internet services to people all over Pakistan? Today many companies are working in this field but PTCL's status is in this field. It's like the backbone. The company was once wholly owned by the government of Pakistan but due to incompetence and wrong decisions of the governments, today 26% of its shares have been transferred to a private company and 12% to the public.  There was a strong protest from the people because giving such institutions to the private sector was an abuse of the people.  Private companies do business for the benefit of the people. They move forward by looking at the revenue, not the need. Therefore, due to strong protests, the privatization of this institution could not go beyond a certain limit 62% of the shares of this company are still owned by the government of Pakistan, so in practice, it is still a state-owned company. The invention of the telephone is credited

Fafen also expressed concerns about the electronic voting machine

               Electoral reforms in 2017 were carried out by consensus after consultation, the government should continue this tradition, Fafan. Electoral reforms in 2017 were carried out by consensus after consultation. The government should continue this tradition. Fafan also expressed reservations about the electronic voting machine. Work (FAFN) has also pointed out legal flaws in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Bill. Fafen additionally communicated worry over the intricate circumstance between the public authority and the resistance and said in an explanation that appointive changes in 2017 were completed by agreement after discussion. Keep up with the custom of doing.  As per Fafan, the public authority and ideological groups ought not to put the obligation of political dynamic on the Election Commission. In the event that the Election Act is corrected without a political agreement, questions will emerge regarding the authenticity of the following races. It may be recalled tha

What is a Freelancer? How to Become a Successful Freelancer?

                                   Freelancing means working online as an independent. Most people online want to hire someone who will do his or her simple tasks to perform complex tasks. Some people hire them permanently. This process is called freelancing, where people submit their projects, and many freelancers specialize in bidding on these projects and provide employment. In this way, clients can choose their favorite freelancer to do their job.  In this article, I will explain in detail what freelancers are and how you can become a successful freelancer to get the most out of it. Freelancer Description To work as a freelancer we need to know what a freelancer is. A freelancer is a person who works online independently from his or her client's laptop. He can do the job at his own discretion rather than doing 9 to 5 jobs under a disgusting boss. Freelancer Skills There are many types of skills a freelancer can choose to find online. Every skill has value and scope for

Corona sufferers using mobile phones

  New sorts of coronavirus, what are the facts? Since December last year, many new strains of coronavirus have emerged, which are far more contagious than the coronavirus found within the Chinese city of Wuhan. Consistent with doctors, changes within the genes of the virus cause mutations or new variants. "Geographic distance creates new genetic variants," he said. Even mutations within the virus or the emergence of the latest species aren't uncommon. Viruses change over time thanks to evolutionary processes. the speed of mutation, however, could also be higher in some viruses than in others. Experts also say that the difference between the old and new variants of the coronavirus in terms of infecting children isn't clear. However, experts also say that there's a requirement for observation and study in this regard. Do more precautions get to be taken against new strains of coronavirus? New measures are needed to stop the spread of the latest strains of coronavi