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What are the bad habits of Pakistanis

         The majority of young people in Pakistan want to move abroad. We will discuss some bad habits. If you ask the reason, the answer is that there is no discipline, there is garbage on the streets, and there is a lack of education and awareness among the people. People who complain forget that the country is made up of the nation and the nation is made up of ordinary people.  In other countries, people follow the law, adopt good habits, which makes them look ideal to us, while in Pakistan, everyone wants discipline and ease for themselves, but they do not want to change themselves by adopting good rules.  Today we will talk about the bad habits of Pakistanis which have become our bad identity as a nation. They are not punctual Whether it's children's school hours or office or wedding ceremonies, people consider it an insult to be punctual. In fact, some people seem to say, "Hey, who goes on time, will go late." Only then will our value increase. ” This is a very

The growing influence of social media on young people

      There is an element of good and evil hidden in everything in the world. Now it depends on our ability which aspect we take. If something is used for the right and legitimate purposes that benefit the world of humanity, then obviously its bounties and fruits will be very beneficial. Although I've written a lot on social media before.  Social media is an invention that has both advantages and disadvantages, it is a double-edged sword. In fact, its disadvantages outweigh its benefits, be it religious, physical, or social. Now it's up to the users how they benefit from it. However, circumstances and events show that even those who use social media legally cannot protect themselves from illegal things.  Women are more sensitive than men and are more naive, emotional, and quick-witted than men, and are said to be less intelligent and less intelligent, so they are more likely to be affected. And as a result, they are quietly exploited. Free platforms such as modern network techn

Aspects of digital content, creation and production

Digital learning materials (e-learning materials) are formed from a variety of resources such as lecture notes, presentations, videos, quizzes, and demonstrations. Lecture notes Lecture notes refer to the points presented by the teacher during the teaching and learning which are prepared and prepared before the teaching and also sent to the students in the form of teaching references.  These notices are very comprehensive and clear. These tips make it easier to remember and revise a topic. During the lecture, students can write important points or teachers can use technology to convey notes to students in the form of images or PDFs, or audio material (podcasts). PowerPoint Presentation This is a very effective slide presentation that is often shown in the classroom with the help of a projector. In addition, teaching materials can be easily presented online through PowerPoint.  The content of the presentation of the article can be done through PowerPoint in the form of Bullet Points, Im