What are the bad habits of Pakistanis


The majority of young people in Pakistan want to move abroad. We will discuss some bad habits.

If you ask the reason, the answer is that there is no discipline, there is garbage on the streets, and there is a lack of education and awareness among the people.

People who complain forget that the country is made up of the nation and the nation is made up of ordinary people. 

In other countries, people follow the law, adopt good habits, which makes them look ideal to us, while in Pakistan, everyone wants discipline and ease for themselves, but they do not want to change themselves by adopting good rules. 

Today we will talk about the bad habits of Pakistanis which have become our bad identity as a nation.

They are not punctual

Whether it's children's school hours or office or wedding ceremonies, people consider it an insult to be punctual.

In fact, some people seem to say, "Hey, who goes on time, will go late." Only then will our value increase. ”

This is a very bad habit. It is well known that nations that are punctual are the ones that thrive. Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and above all Japan are the countries that are developed today due to punctuality.


The queue is formed but the push continues, no one is picking up the phone so instead of thinking that he may be sick or asleep, repeated calls are being made, the signal is off but breaking the signal is no big deal. 

No, it has become our national habit to show impatience in everything. If we go to another country and admire the laws of that country, why don't we follow them here?

Giving free advice

Don't take it to the doctor, the child has a slight fever. Give him some medicine and he will be cured in one day", no matter what the disease is. Their advice can hurt anyone.

Criticism of age

"Grandmothers have reached the age of grandma, but look at fashion." Such phrases are part of our daily conversation. 

A man's dress and fashion depend on his personal likes and dislikes. We have no right to criticize anyone for not living up to our expectations. Think about how you would feel if someone else made fun of your clothes.

Spreading garbage

Omer often threw our can of juice out of the car. This is the same Omer who used to throw garbage in the bins with strict restrictions in the United States for ten years, but as soon as he returned to the country, his bad habits did not take long to come back. 

How unfortunate that we are making the country's highways and roads dirty and blaming the country.

Interfering in the affairs of others

"Hey, son, how much more will you study? Your marriage age is over. Which prince are you waiting for?" 

This is not the case in developed, educated societies and is considered a moral crime.

Criticism of arrangements at the event

Not only is that, but even after going to someone’s corpse, the herbs are sought from the food in such a way that it is not possible to see the food before or after it. 

It is a very bad thing to go anywhere and make arrangements and eat and drink. 

At a wedding, the family members invest their savings for a ceremony, so a bad sentence from you can show their heart.

Gossip, backbiting, and slander

Pakistanis have such a bad habit of licking their tongues that if two or more people gather somewhere, it is not possible for anyone to be bad. The party cannot end without backbiting.

Sound from behind

"Hey listen" this phrase passes through our ears many times a day when calling someone from behind is considered bad in civilized societies but people in Pakistan are not aware of how bad it is.

To blow the horn

There is no such thing as being stuck in a traffic jam or calling someone out of the house. In other countries, it is considered unhealthy to sound the horn for no reason because it affects people's sleep and increases noise pollution.

These are our bad habits that have become our identity now. It is easy to do evil here because we are not afraid to be ashamed of doing wrong because we know we are all the same. 

So let us now resolve to give up these bad habits so that being called Pakistani people can be a cause of pride for us.


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