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Aspects of digital content, creation and production

Digital learning materials (e-learning materials) are formed from a variety of resources such as lecture notes, presentations, videos, quizzes, and demonstrations. Lecture notes Lecture notes refer to the points presented by the teacher during the teaching and learning which are prepared and prepared before the teaching and also sent to the students in the form of teaching references.  These notices are very comprehensive and clear. These tips make it easier to remember and revise a topic. During the lecture, students can write important points or teachers can use technology to convey notes to students in the form of images or PDFs, or audio material (podcasts). PowerPoint Presentation This is a very effective slide presentation that is often shown in the classroom with the help of a projector. In addition, teaching materials can be easily presented online through PowerPoint.  The content of the presentation of the article can be done through PowerPoint in the form of Bullet Points, Im

The word Technology is a broader term

                  The word Technology is a broader term and covering all dimensions of the advancement from the Stone Age to the modern era. This contemporary global the village now has a vast variety of technologies it has become so much involved in our daily lives. From seeking shelter in caves and tents, we have moved in leisure houses, the traveling we used to do in months and days can now be done in few hours, just by a switch we can feel we are sitting in the north while sitting in the south of the world. We can perform more tasks in less time, advanced machinery to produce the results swiftly, we are even able to visit planets and stars, do business from our computer and watch matches scheduled in distant areas and foreign countries while sitting in our TV lounge, making microchips and many others that cannot be explained on a single page.  Effects Everything has for and against likewise, technology also has its merits and demerits. It has affected each area of our lives d

PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company is a national company

                                                   Whose job is to provide telephone and internet services to people all over Pakistan? Today many companies are working in this field but PTCL's status is in this field. It's like the backbone. The company was once wholly owned by the government of Pakistan but due to incompetence and wrong decisions of the governments, today 26% of its shares have been transferred to a private company and 12% to the public.  There was a strong protest from the people because giving such institutions to the private sector was an abuse of the people.  Private companies do business for the benefit of the people. They move forward by looking at the revenue, not the need. Therefore, due to strong protests, the privatization of this institution could not go beyond a certain limit 62% of the shares of this company are still owned by the government of Pakistan, so in practice, it is still a state-owned company. The invention of the telephone is credited

Corona sufferers using mobile phones

  New sorts of coronavirus, what are the facts? Since December last year, many new strains of coronavirus have emerged, which are far more contagious than the coronavirus found within the Chinese city of Wuhan. Consistent with doctors, changes within the genes of the virus cause mutations or new variants. "Geographic distance creates new genetic variants," he said. Even mutations within the virus or the emergence of the latest species aren't uncommon. Viruses change over time thanks to evolutionary processes. the speed of mutation, however, could also be higher in some viruses than in others. Experts also say that the difference between the old and new variants of the coronavirus in terms of infecting children isn't clear. However, experts also say that there's a requirement for observation and study in this regard. Do more precautions get to be taken against new strains of coronavirus? New measures are needed to stop the spread of the latest strains of coronavi

Which refrigerator saves electricity, what to know before buying a good refrigerator

                         As summer approaches, homes begin preparing to repair or purchase refrigerators. From cooling the water to storing the meat for days, it is used in the fridge or refrigerator. These items cannot be bought over and over again due to their high cost and if one makes a mistake in making the right choice, one may have to suffer from the wrong refrigerator for many years and often even decades. That's why we are here for you with complete information on all types of refrigerators so that they can guide you completely before buying a refrigerator. Size Always choose the size of the refrigerator based on the number of people in your home. A mini-refrigerator will suffice for one or two people or just to meet the needs of the room. However, if there are more people and you need a refrigerator for the whole house, it is better to choose a larger size. The place It is very important to decide where you want to place the refrigerator because the refrigerator should be

Want to start Freelancing as a Start of your profession

                  We will discuss the best platform to use in freelancing, online, start small businesses in large businesses, and hire professionals. There are more than 50 online platforms where you can work online or hire professionals. Out of  the 50 platforms, only 6 to 7 are the most popular.  The most known are Fiver and Upwork. However, these two platforms have their own significance and methodology. But here, we will separate this comparison as Fiverr Vs Upwork. Fiverr Vs Upwork (How They Started) Fiverr was introduced by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010. Its name comes from five (5).  After that, they do Fiverr, probably by taking the domain name. At the time, all jobs at Fiverr were $ 5.  Its headquarters are based in Israel.  Fiverr became famous and popular because of its low prices. Customers can be offered their services at prices as low as $ 5. It became famous for its technology. There is no chance of fraud or fraud in Upwork because of their strict policies. Ge